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Dr. Fernando Martinez Dorr

Plastic Surgery - "Natural Beauty"

YBS created my brand from scratch in 2019. The team was exceptionally well organised, efficient and quick to understand my needs as a healthcare professional. 


If I have to summarise it one sentence that would be:  "They got who I am and what I want to transmit". This process is not an easy task, and these ladies managed to build an impeccable message. 

The result? A dedicated Brand Strategy with clear goals and structure (without losing the creativity touch).


They showed consistency throughout their work presentations; they were respectful of work ethics and most important: passionate about quality standards. 

I am delighted with the work cooperation we had so far; and how the team has put all their energy in my brand as if it was their own. 


Los Algarrobos Campo & Polo

Agri-Tourism & Real Estate Development

In 2015 we started working with YBS. By then we only created our basic branding and Community Management.


To our surprise they showed to be professionals to the core and extremely responsive in our requests.

Working with YBS has been the most enriching experience we could have had.

For the past five years, we have seen the amazing transformation of our mere start-up "idea" into the first Real Estate Sustainable Project of our Region. 


From branding to coaching; and from Marketing to Sales; we found all the expertise in one place. And most importantly, their work ethics is fully aligned to our values of Honesty, Respect and Entrepreneurship. 


Group Sopex

Commodity Traders

I was very impressed by the team responsiveness, flexibility and professionalism. 

They were quick to understand our needs and to come back with a concrete action plan and work proposal.

They work mainly in our internal communications and how to address our message to certain target audiences. 


A Tree for the Planet

NGO - Reforestation

The empathy that YBS showed to us at the moment of creating our branding was a true differentiator. 

Our Logo, our Website and and story was in their hands and we got exactly what we were looking for:  A simple band with a strong message. 

We are eternally grateful for their dedication and extremely thankful for the results they provided. 

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